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Paolo Busatto : Guitar

Carlo Passuello : Bass
Enrico Brunelli : Keyboards, Synth
Rudy Zilio : Flute, Clarinet, Ewi

Ruggero Burigo : Guitar

Luca Brighi: Vocals

Andrea Cecchetto : Drums

MAD FELLAZ is an indipendent band from Bassano del Grappa (Vicenza, Italy) which offer entirely original self-produced tracks. 

The songs are born from strong fascination of the greats from the past like King Crimson,Gentle Giant, Pink Floyd, Area, Banco del Mutuo Soccorso, Yes, Jethro Tull and also from the present like Opeth, Porcupine Tree and Tool. Although the main influences come from Progressive Rock, Mad Fellaz deny to crystallize on an already coded genre and welcome the genre in its deep nature, that' s based on the perpetual research and evolution, which is the result of a blend of various styles (rock, blues, fusion, jazz, classical, metal, latin and tribal...) with the purpose to create innovative and indipendent music.

​Mad Fellaz is a group of young musicians that' s born in 2010 as an unknown experimental trio formed by Paolo Busatto and Emanuele Pasin on the guitars and Marco Busatto on the drums. Soon join Carlo Passuello on bass, Enrico Brunelli on keyboards and synth and Rudy Zilio on flute, clarinet and synth.

In August 2012 the band records a Demo , '' La Giungla'' , a 15-minutes composition defined by the copresence of Rock language and tribal rhythms, which create a really exciting dynamic and emotional tension. 

In May 2013 the fellaz record their first album (selftitled) which includes 5 tracks of about one hour length as total duration time. Two long suites (Il colpevole pt.1, Il colpevole pt.2) followed by a short funky-crime-movie style track (Banda Scavejoni) that breaks the rhythm of the album. Then comes a bluesy track (White Widow) and 'La Giungla' in the end. The album gained a lot of success with the direct sale of about 700 copies plus 300 copies sold abroad (Japan, Russia, USA, Netherlands, Germany, France etc.) through ''Pick Up Records'' store's website.                                                                             

The album has been mentioned in the book 'Rock Progressivo Italiano 1980-2013 (Arcana Editore) written by the expert Massimo Salari and published in November 2015. 'Mad Fellaz has been also positively reviewed in the early 2014 by the famous magazines 'Rock Hard' and 'Rockerilla' and by the website 'Prog Archives', one of the most followed progressive sites in the world.

During 2014 the line-up has been enlarged and evolved. As Emanuele Pasin left the band, Jason Nealy, with his metal influences, took over on the guitar, plus Lorenzo Todesco on the percussions and Anna Farronato at the vocals joining the band. The band at its complete shape starts to work on the new project, the second album, then titled 'Mad Fellaz II', recorded in October 2015 at Luigi Stefanini's New Sin Studio (Loria, Treviso, Italy) and then released in February 2016. The album has been streamed on Progressive Rock radio across Netherlands, UK, France, Italy, California and obtained excellent reviews from some genre experts like Owen Davies (for DPRP Netherlands), Riccardo Storti (founder e coordinator of the Italian Progressive Study Center of Genoa), Athos Enrile, Stephane Mayere (for french magazin Koid9) and the japanese Yoshiko Progrena.



The sense of absolute freedom is all that you might feel from this album, which is about one hour long and divided into 7 tracks of a non-standard length, proof that the long play duration is more comfortable for the band to tell a musical story. The main difference from the first album is presented by the introducing of a vocal element, Anna Farronato's one, which characterize a whole production even being added in already set structures.

9 months from the release of 'Mad Fellaz II' unfortunately Anna Farronato and Jason Nealy decided to leave the band for personal purposes.

Without any fear, even if times weren't so good, the Mad Fellaz worked on some new material for a new album to come when they finally managed to reassemble the line up with two talented and experienced musicians joining the band: Ruggero Burigo on the guitar and Luca Brighi on the vocals.



In 2018 the Fellas spent most of their time to organize the thoughts and give birth to the third studio album. It is a detailed and sophisticated album that lets free relief to the creativity but at the same time keeps a stylistic coherence.

It's been a hard job that also included in addition some extra instruments such as violin, viola, cello, oboe and french horn in the recording sessions.

The production has been directed by Fabio Trentini, musician and producer that boasts prestigious collaborations (Guano Apes, Le Orme, Mr. Sister, Stick Men, H-Blockx) and thanks to whom we managed to elevate our compositions to a higher level.

'Mad Fellaz III' has been officially released on the 26 th of January 2019 and played live in various occasions and finally took the band live abroad for the first time: at the Parkvilla Theater in Alphen Aan Den Rijn (Netherlands) and at the Freakshow in Würzburg (Germany).

The global pandemic started in the early 2020 forced the band to extremely reduce live activity but not the creativity process that led them to get ready to record a fourth album, but unfortunately the drummer Marco Busatto and the percussionist Lorenzo Todesco left the band.


With Andrea Cecchetto now on the drums, during the summer of 2021, the Mad guys managed to record the fourth album, still under the supervision of Fabio Trentini as producer. 

It' s going to be released in the early 2022 and the only things we can say for now is that the album has some more groovy and afro influences, it's a bit more jazzy and, why not, there's also a bit of pop in it considering that the average length of the songs is about 4 minutes ;)

Mad Fellaz

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